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  1. I wish I could have my volume on my JTV be a cc (continues controller ) for helix volume parameter block and select pickup positions per patch at this point my volume control is not active until I change its position I can fix this problem in global settings then I lose ability to select patches per preset This works perfectly on my HD500 X Will this be addressed in future updates?
  2. I can't seem to get on the scale if I try to register it says email already used if I type in forgot password it says emailing me a password but I never get an email

  3. I am having problems setting up a simple volume control if I set it up with exp-2 and change patches I have to Move the controller for it to recognize the position the pedal ,the same with my variax volume used as a controller This has always worked perfectly on my HD500 I really don,t want to have to patch a volume pedal in to my Helix to accomplish this simple task .will this be addressed in future updates????
  4. I sure wish I could use variax volume/tone as a continuous controller like I can on My HD 500X on helix I must move volume pot for every patch change For me it would much better if the controller was continuous Any chance in future updates ???
  5. What use is a volume pedal that dose not controll volume after switching patches
  6. Do I have to select variax input for my jvt variax control function to work correctly or can I use multi input I have not had any luck trying to get jvt volume to control helix volume block when changing patches I have to move Volume nob before it will respond I am useing firmware 103 latest version
  8. Any one having problems with control from exspresision pedal or JTV variax volume,tone , Every time I change patches I have move controller for its position to be recognizes . This works great on my HD 500X I like useing post amp volume on my patches controlled from my JVT 69 or useing exp 2 for my delay .mabe a firmware update will fix this
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