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  1. i noticed that i could use the cd/mp3 input to connect my laptop to the pod … is it possible to route the cd/mp3 input to one mono output and the bass to the other?
  2. thanks for your replies, they have been very helpful! im using my laptop with a midi keyboard to trigger samples or synthesizer bass sounds. running in mono is no problem for me on stage. i havent thought of the ground loop noise issue … could plugging it into a di box with a ground lift switch help to avoid them? (i have no idea of electricity, but i had issues with noise on stage once and the technician plugged my cable into a di box and the noises were gone) if that's the case and i can tell the pod unit to send the bass signal through the left output and the (uneffected) laptop signal through the other output that might be a good solution for my problem
  3. Hey Guys, I'm considering buying a PODHD for live purposes. Im a Bassist (playing a BassPOD XT atm) but i have a Laptop on stage too, so i have to bring an Audio Interface with me too. So i ask my self if it's possible to have the POD HD output my bass signal through one output to my bass amp and the "dry" laptop signal connected via usb to the PA. signal 1: bass guitar -> podhd -> bass amp signal 2: laptop -> usb -> podhd -> PA I looked it up in the manual and the forums but couldn't find a definitive answer. If somone could help me I'd really appreciate it because it would save me from carrying lots of cables and equipment to the stage. thx!
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