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  1. The new version is really cool, it's a completely new user interface with a lot of ideas that makes the application easier to use. Now I understand the delay after the iOS 9 release: this version must have been in production for quite a while, far before the iOS release, and had to go through testing etc. Good that it arrived now!
  2. Maybe an idea could be for further releases that the app would only sync at startup, and not each time it gets back focus from another app (while running in background). Or, the app could download only the time stamps of the last preset changes (which could go really fast) and would only download those presets that are more recent in the unit than in the memory of the app. All-in-all it would be easy to reach where the user doesn't have to wait for the sync.
  3. Isn't there a way to stop the app download all presets each time I return to the app? I measured it now: it took over 1 minute and 20 seconds. And it happens each time I leave the app and come back again, even without stopping the app??
  4. The question is how long it "normally" takes to re-sync the presets. Yesterday I didn't even notice that, I think I could within a few seconds browse until the last one (User 1-4). Now I have to wait over a minute to see them all. What is a normal sync or download time?
  5. Hi, I bought an AMPLIFI TT yesterday. When I first connected my iphone 5s to it via bluetooth, it worked just fine, at least I didn't notice that anything was slow. Then I upgraded AMPLIFI TT to the latest firmware. I'm not sure if it was only after that, or before too, but now as I connect my phone and click on AMPLIFI TT in the app to see the presets, it takes a lot of time to download all the presets from the unit. First I only see some 4-8 Presets, then after a few seconds another 4 and all together it takes a lot of time (a minute or two) to see all the presets. Is there something wrong here, or is it just as it works normally? Isn't there a way to switch off this constant downloading each time I start the app? Thanks for your help! Regards, Csaba
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