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  1. Hi thsnks for the info Melissiah. Do you mean the fx loop send level on the back of the amp?
  2. Hi I’ll try that tomorrow. I’m just giving my ears a rest now! thanks again Dan
  3. Hi the only thing I had was the Pod st live which is now sold, but that worked fine.
  4. What I didn’t say, was that I also use a Roland GR55 so my signal path is this; Guitar to GR55 GR55 guitar out to front of amp Amp Send to Guitar In of HD Mono out of HD to Amp Return using the GR55 and bypassing the HD sounds fine.
  5. Hi Thanks for the reply. I’ve set my HD to Line on the 1/4” out and 3.5 impedance but it’s still doing the same thing. On the back of the MDR there is a Loop Level, but even with this set to almost nothing the same thing happens. In desperation, I tried it the old fashioned way -HD to the front of the amp, but I can’t deal with distorted delay and reverb!
  6. Hi i hope someone can help. I’ve just updated my knackered old Pod XT Live for the HD500X and I’m running into problems running it through the effects loop of my MESA Dual Rectifier. I seemed to have tried every option, but even with no effects and amps/cabs on the HD, when I pump the volume up on the clean channel of the Rectifier the volume drops drastically and a horrible high-pitched feedback appears. If I disengage the HD (by turning the Loop option off on my Rectifier pedal) the volume returns to normal and all is well! When I turn the Rectifier down to eliminate the feedback and compare the loop signal with the unlooped signal the loop signal has more treble bias. any ideas are welcome! Thanks!
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