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  1. Is the CAT5E twisted or untwisted?
  2. Hi, if I was going to replace the cable from my Spider V to my floorboard(FBV3) what cable do I ask for. I would like a flat cable if possible. Thanks!
  3. Can anyone tell me where I can buy a USB Charging cable to charge my G10 without connecting it to my Spider V? I know they are available in the US, but can't find any supplier in the UK.
  4. Hi, I've just bough a Spider V120 and connected it to my iPhone 6 Spider app. I was informed I had to install new firmware and guess what......the installation failed x 6. I then connected it to my iMac, installed the latest Line 6 software to enable me to install the new firmware and guess what.....the installation failed, although repeated several times!! If anybody can give me an idiots guide to successful installation of the Spider firmware I will be eternally indebted!!
  5. Hi, can anyone tell me when the Spider V will be available in the UK?
  6. Hi, Has anyone had any problems downloading the latest updater using Windows 10. I keep getting a message that the signature of the Updater 1.08 installer.exe is corrupt or invalid. Please give me a idiots guide to fix if possible. Hopefully Donald
  7. Thanks for all your advice, I have now cancelled my original order and ordered elsewhere.
  8. I don't think that Guitarguitar could be responsible for Line6 stock in Europe! Anyway I have cancelled my order for the L2T! My angst as you call it, wasn't really about waiting for a particular product for 3 months or so, it was about the poor way companies can treat their customers.
  9. Sorry, that was Guitarguitar in Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  10. Hi, I have been a customer of Line 6 for many years buying Amps, Guitars, Radio Systems, Effects etc. I bought a Helix recently and ordered a L2t speaker at the same time. I received the Helix quite quickly but the L2t which I ordered in September is still not with me. I have been fobbed off with excuses from Yamaha about not having any stock in Europe and at the last information received, it will be January 2016 before stock is available! Come on Line 6, is this the way you treat loyal customers. I know my investments in L6 gear is small to you guys (approx £6000), but I would expect better service than that. Line 6 (Yamaha) are letting their grass roots customers down big time! Disgruntled Customer Donald Laird United Kingdom
  11. Can anyone give me a step by step guide for the updating of helix software on an IMac? Please include: 1) At what stage do you connect up the Helix? 2) How to back-up the Helix? 3) Any tips you may have. Thanks
  12. Just received a message from Guitarguitar in Edinburgh stating my Pre-ordered Helix has arrived and will be sent out to me Saturday! Unfortunately, the L2T I ordered will not arrive until the end of November, another long wait!
  13. Is there any way of controlling the total output volume of the Helix using the onboard expression pedal. In other words being able to control all patch volumes with the expression pedal.
  14. lordalladin

    UK Cases

    Does anyone know of a case that will fit the Helix that I can buy in UK?
  15. lordalladin

    L2m or l2t

    I ordered the L2t and after consideration I realised that until things get sorted out over the digital control of the L2t, I could use the L2t in electric guitar mode and connect my acoustic via the onboard mixer and EQ it to sound more like a acoustic.
  16. Is there any way to organise the built-in expression pedal or an added expression pedal to act as a master volume?
  17. Having preordered the HELIX but not received it yet, can I ask, is it possible to have presets on the bottom four foot-switches and 4 effects on the top four. Also if this is possible, when you use the program up switches does this advance the presets but leave the effects as they are? I've looked at the manual but this is not very clear how to do this.
  18. Hi, has anyone heard when the Helix will arrive in UK music stores. I heard that it is now going to be the middle of November.
  19. When using a Variax for acoustic guitars, has anyone advice about selecting a preamp?
  20. I would like to know if you can change the speed of the rotary effect using a expression pedal?
  21. is there a list of Helix presets available?
  22. The other question I have about Helix/Variax is what parameters can the Helix control on the Variax?
  23. This may be a stupid question, but if you are using the magnetic pickups of the variax and change to a patch on the Helix that calls for say Sitar, does the Helix switch off the magnetic pickups and switch on the modelling voices? Or does the modelling section of the variax have to be active?
  24. I was wondering if someone could tell me if the secondary expression output on the back of the unit is a TRS? Also what expression pedals can be used with the Helix?
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