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  1. burton4snow

    Live sound for Helix Lt

  2. burton4snow

    Live sound for Helix Lt

    I am just jamming in medium size room and play a little bit above speaking level. Maybe a little louder. I am running programs on the computer to play along with, that is why I got a line 6 because I know from POD xt red bean that I am replacing(Lol) that sound from the computer is coming through headphones. So I guess monitors is what I need.
  3. burton4snow

    Live sound for Helix Lt

    Monitors is probable what I want to do because I use Video Surgeon. What would you suggest I have $1000 budget.
  4. burton4snow

    Live sound for Helix Lt

    I just got this and I'm using headphones with it. What is the best way to play this live. I am just playing this down in a refinished mancave basement and don't plan on playing it super loud. I'm not familiar with what is out there help me out thanks
  5. burton4snow

    Presets are not working

    Thanks I got them all back now
  6. burton4snow

    Presets are not working

    It got stuck on this {Helix can now, after firmware 1.06.5, enter update mode manually by holding footswitches 6 + 12} It just says "entered update mode"
  7. burton4snow

    Helix Lt Help!!!

    I am trying to hook Helix lt to my computer but I am not sure which steps to do first? I want to control it by my computer with the editor. I want to download the new firmware. I don't need any of the variax stuff. but noticed there were flash memory updates do I need these? Is there a area I can go to to figure out what to do first because there are alot of downloads for the Helix Lt. Thanks I really want to like this thing.
  8. burton4snow

    Presets are not working

    I'll Try That. Thanks
  9. burton4snow

    Presets are not working

    when I press the home button to get the signal path there is nothing in the presets
  10. burton4snow

    Presets are not working

    I am running a guitar into the Guitar Input and the output is headphones. I just brought it home and have not hooked it up to the computer yet. Just ran through the presets and they all came out as a Clean signal that sounded the same. changed cords and guitar and still just a clean sound
  11. burton4snow

    Presets are not working

    Oh yea it is a Helix Lt
  12. burton4snow

    Presets are not working

    All I get is a clean signal on all the presets. Is this a lemon?
  13. Just bought a hd500x. I am upgrading from a podxt its finally screwing up on me. This is always going to be by a computer so I will be using the software editor mainly. I can't seem to find the download or any instructions on what to do first. Like download drivers or updating firmware. I do have line 6 Monkey should I update that first. Totally confused. Please point me in the right direction. Thanks
  14. Looking for something that people have had a lot of success with and the settings on the pod they used when hooking it up. Thanks