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  1. Seriously to save money just get a cheapish cable and disconnect the ground at one end. Its still shielded if it has a ground at one end. I think thats how im going to do it.
  2. Yes this sounds exactly like the problem I was having. All I did to solve the issue was to remove the ground from one of the jack ends on the cable coming from the Loadbox. I will be getting a DI or Isolation box so I don't have a cable in my collection with disconnected ground. One thin I did do was to create a send block that was "SEND LEFT" and a return block "RETURN RIGHT". Then in the global settings I set the left side of the loop to "INSTRUMENT LEVEL" and the right side of the loop to "LINE LEVEL". That way the signal levels corresponded to the signal path. I have attached my patch that works. hth Chris rd2rk. Your help in this has been much appreciated. Maybe something was lost in communication but what was trying to be accomplished was really no different than inserting a pedal in the loop of the HX Stomp. It just happened to be an amplifier instead. Reactive Loop.hlx
  3. rd2rk, Solved it. Removed the ground on my cable coming from the reactive load. No squeals anymore! Thank you for all your help,
  4. Ah OK i see what you're doing, but this is for live too. I want to be mono before the AMP+Reactive load, then place stereo loops going into the Mixer/PA/Interface. I've seen people do exactly this on youtube etc but i cant get rid of this hideous whistle.... Ground loop maybe?? Tried this patch with your cabling method. Still feedback/howls
  5. I'm having a similar problem with my Suhr Reactive Load. A kind fellow named rd2rk has made me a patch (the second one) but i haven't tried it yet. Have a look here:
  6. Cool! Thanks I will try it shortly
  7. Thanks for the reply and the patch. That’s very kind. I’m using a super lead so it doesn’t have an fx loop. And I’m not using a cabinet. It’s for recording my heads Direct to my computer. In a way I’m trying to replace the model with a real amp.
  8. Hi guys, wondering if you can help. I have an HX stomp and I also use a Suhr Reactive IR. I would like to inject my valve amps into the helix. This has been successful thus far in this arrangement: Guitar>Amp>ReactiveLoad>HX input>Computer. This works great, I tend to use the unfiltered output of the Reactive load and use an IR block in the HX. But what I want to do now is use some of the HX’s fx in front of the amp as well. So I hook up like this: Guit>HX input>HX send>Amp input>ReactiveLoad>Line out of RL>ReturnL HX>HX out stereo>Computer. Now when I use it in this arrangement it’s unusable. I get this hideous feedback / screeching sound. I’ve tried the setting the loop at instrument and line level with no joy at all. Any ideas?? TIA Chris
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