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  1. Most guitar players have significant hearing loss by the time their 40 Reverb smerb It's all personal taste anyway......and focus on the music and your professional playing ability And stop stressing about reverb algorithms The Helix is great...sounds awesome.... Kemper is great it sounds awesome The Fractal FX2 sounds awesome.... Tc Electronics reverbs are great. On and on..... People listen to music because they like the song ...nobody is interested in how it Was recorded or with what amp, microphone, and all the other crap.
  2. Right on Tonesnob The righteous tone coming out of the helix....it's like Genetic chromosomes mutated and made tube sounds come out of this magic box I have fractal, Kemper, and helix. Helix sounds the best live through a 2000 watt power amp and 2 orange cabs...yeah
  3. The Line 6 genius collective created the most versatile and beautiful pedal...Helix I have the Fractal FX II and making a comparison with the new Helix The user interface on the Helix is second to none....period You don't need to read the manual...it's like an IPad...completely intuitive . The large screen is really a work of genius....and building new patches takes less than a minute Light years ahead of any floor pedal theFractal is very, very good...but the Helix delivers on par or better sound without the hours needed to build an amp from scratch......I would rather be playing guitar than programming patches...... Line 6 really improved their amp modeling and the real test is turning down your guitar volume....the Helix responds like a real amp and cleans up beautifully .....very sensitive to your picking...very amp like... Here is my first week summary of this new guy.... 2. Sonic realism and clean signal with latest and greatest chip set.... A. The Main Processors - Analog Devices ADSP-21469 SHARC Processors 3. Touch capacitive footswitches......brilliant 4 scribble pad for each footswitch. ...the best idea for live playing...no more tape-sharpie 5. Effects are better than TC Electronics and more sonically matched to the modern guitar 6. IR cab capabilities ....future cool 7. 4 sends. 4 receives all assignable.....what look out Fractal you've been served! 8. More ins and outs on the back for any possible setup 9."phantom powered mic input.... 10. Create multiple everything....different signal paths.... 11. Huge main User interface 12. I Can see the tuner from 100 ft away It is easy to believe they spent 6 years developing this Flagship processor They really designed this with the working guitarist professional in mind and have loaded it with So many positives....and the sound is beautiful.....I have mine patched to my Mesa head and Orange Th30, Marshall 40c and Hughes and Kettner 38 all at the same time....using different signal paths....at gigs It sounds so 3 dimensional and warm,
  4. Step into the 21 st century ancient guitarists. The processors and preamps on the Amplifi are quiet as a mouse and clean as the driven snow. The flexibility to create any sonic invention is at your fingertips. Anyone who seriously gig's knows you aren't going to get down on the floor to edit your HD 500. but with amplifi you can do it from your phone......how much easier is that.....robot....AI? It's all in the digital domain ...and they use the same A/D converters in all their line.......
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