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  1. Thanks, that is a good guide for me. For FS1-FS4, what are effects assigned? I know its matter of preference, but curious to know.
  2. Also, I struggle with volume control, my jam partners always complain about my volume not in the right level. What is my best option with this unit to handle that properly? Thanks in advance.
  3. My apology for this irrelevant post/reply... (new user) not able to start a new post, why? Signed in.. and I am able to reply to a post.
  4. Instead of my TASCAM US-2X2 audio interface (Sonar X3e), I will be using my POD HD500 this weekend to record an Satriani tone like instrumental. Last time, I worked on this same song with TASCAM, it left lot of hum. With clip gain, it becomes more obvious. So this time, I want to eliminate the middleman (TASCAM).. What should I look for? Need tips..don't want to spend too much time experimenting... I have the tone I want, just want to record it (lot of power chords) without hum/noise... Thanks in advance.
  5. Having hard time getting true acoustic sound... Any idea (amp, cab combination or patch name from customtone website) suggestion would be greatly appreciated.. Or should I just buy the boss pedal and use it with HD400, in that case, how should the connection setup work? Thanks in advance...
  6. Doesn't work when I use it between FX Send and FX Return or when I plug this pedal to "Pedal 2" input. Works when I plug my guitar into the Vol.Pedal first, but then I lose the tone since it is used as a volume of my guitar. Works when I plug the output from HD400 to the pedal and then it goes to the mixer/PA. Last approach is okay for now. Am I missing anything? Or, should I just be happy with the pedal between HD400 and mixer/PA? Thanks in advance.
  7. Do you use separate volume pedal for your HD400? If yes, why and which one? How do set it up (external volume pedal)? What is the benefit?
  8. After lot of years (of playing in my basement), I have started to play in a band (cover songs). Having hard time with getting the right volume (POD HD400) because of my lack of experience on stage and new HD gear. During lead guitar time, I don't hear proper volume. Other (rhythm time), I hear the sound okay. Wanted to know how do you guys manage the volume? Only via built in expression pedal (if yes, is it calibrated 0-100?) or is there any other trick? Also, I am a jamming kind of person. but now I need to copy those licks. I want to able to copy the licks and put it in tabs so that I can get back to it later. Can you recommend any product/software that I can use to record my tabs for both cover (tab books are not available for lot of the songs I play) and original songs? Quality is a priority, so I am willing to pay for the sofware. Thanks Shahed POD HD400 (w/Ibanez JS1000)
  9. Very very informative responses. I know what I need to do now. I appreciate it very much. Thanks Shahed
  10. Would you be kind enough to give me your input on something? I have been playing guitar for past 20 years (blues genre mostly) in my home with Line 6 Spider 2 and POD FARM, POD XT on my PC (Sonar X3 environment). All of a sudden, my friend from 20 years back reached out to me to jam with his band. Now I feel the need of having Pedals like POD HD***. I also found out that Line 6 is coming up with Amplifi FX100... if you were in my shoes, would you go with POD HD** or Amplifi FX100? Shahed Atlanta, GA
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