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  1. Yea. Reinstalled. Fixed it. Windows weirdness. Thanks for the response.
  2. The Amp model displayed on my Helix LT and Helix Floor does not match what Helix Edit is showing. The Helix LT is new and was just updated to 3.01 as soon as I got it out of the box. The Helix show all the new amps. HX edit does not. And it just shows a random Amp model instead of the US Princess I have saved in my user preset. If I shut HX Edit down and come back to my user preset with the US Princess it show no amp at all. Just a empty block. Any ideas? Computer is running latest Windows 10 Pro.
  3. OK Thanks.. That sounds good. I really want to add a additional speaker so I wanted to know about the compatibility between the L3T and L2 series speakers when using the L6 link. Stereo is what I'm shooting for. The reason for using the L6 between the Helix LT and L3T is to leave the 1/4' and XLR jacks free. I am currently routing the XLRs to a mixer for recording. with the 1/4 jacks left open I can use them for a dry outputs to an amp or amps and the speakers on the L6 link stereo wet. so I'd have a wet dry wet stereo set up.
  4. The L3T would be the master and the controlling mixer as it would all be connected to the L2T or L2M via L6 link. I'm using L6 link from a Helix LT to the L3T. So it's all a digital connection.
  5. I have a L3T. Can I use it as a master with a L2T or L2M?
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