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  1. Thank you. For Question 2, Can I use the variax editor software if I buy a POD HD 500? (As it has a dedicated Variax line input) or do I HAVE to buy the variax workbench hardware? and finally, is the Variax 700 compatible with Line 6's new variax 2.0 editor software that is used with the newer line of Tyler/Variax models? Many thanks!
  2. Greetings! I am considering purchasing a used Variax 700. I have a POD HD Desktop and would like to ask a few questions for the experienced users: 1. The POD HD Desktop does not have a dedicated Variax line input, is the Variax 700 still compatible via the standard guitar input? 2. Do I have to purchase Variax Workbench or have to have link the Variax into a dedicated Variax line input to be able to use Variax Workbench Software? 3. What is a UXS Footswitch? Cheers!
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