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  1. Hi all, loving my Stomp so far, but I’m finding it difficult to add my external OD pedals without a ton of hiss and buzzing noise. pretty much unusable with all the noise I am getting! I have added Noise Gate to my input and signal within the HX Stomp as well! My current signal is >Guitar into my OD pedal, >then OD pedal into HX Stomp L/Mono Input. Any tips for connecting or adjusting my settings, to get rid of all the noise in my signal when my OD pedal is engaged? Any help would be greatly appreciated guys! Thx
  2. Hi phil_m I though I had tried this over and over again? This is why I thought it was defective possibly? I’m on the road today and tomorrow and left it at home, disappointed I could not used it to practice. but I’ll try it again when I get home. -Paul
  3. Hi all, hoping someone can tell me if perhaps my HX Stomp is defective? I have been trying to utilize the AUX IN stereo jacks on the right side of the unit with a stereo cable to my MP3 player. To Jam and practice with! But when I actually get music to play through my HX stomp the music is coming through with all the same effects added to this song as if it was the preset guitar sound ? I read and re-read the instructions, and it’s the same result each time? I cannot get a clean signal for the MP3 and then be able to hear my guitar signal coming through at all? I just got this baby, it’s the blue colored limited edition, only 2 days ago? should I return it for a swap and see if there’s a difference? any help would be so appreciated! -Paul
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