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  1. Thanks for the answer, although it's rather discouraging (though none of your fault): I can't continue using the Bass POD XT Live as there's no longer any backup/editor tool for it I can use on current macOS ; Variax Bass + Helix will likely be more limited than it used to be with the pod ; Line6 support doesn't accept providing the source for these tools so I could port/recompile them to current versions ; and they refuse to even provide the MIDI implementation reference in order to create a new backup utility ; and of course there's no announced new Variax bass on the horizon. Meh. But
  2. Hello. I'm quite tempted to purchase a Helix to replace my trusty Bass Pod XT Live now that Line6 no longer provides working software for in on macOS Mojave ; but I'm weary of one thing: I'm using a Variax bass with the Bass POD, and they have dedicated presets, and communication mechanisms. However, in the Helix user manual, there are plenty of references to what one can do with the Variax Standard or James Tyler guitar, but exactly zero reference to the Variax basses. What exactly is the level of interaction I can expect ? e.g.: "nothing", "just power", "power and audio", "bass knobs work like EXP-n pedals like on Variax guitars", "preset change can change the emulated bass in the bass ? What else ?
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