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  1. Thanks, but the developer was pretty clear OSX version is a crap shoot at best. It's incredibly frustrating how Line 6 handled this product. So good and no attention. Selling it.
  2. Lucky you - I'm not a PC guy :) I'm out on the DT amp. I'm bummed to say the least. It's just too unpredictable.
  3. Hey all - this is all great info. I have a similar story with regards to just about every thing here. Wanted more from the Dream Rig Could never get the HD500 or HD500X to sound right LOVE Voice IV on the DT series amps out of the box Hoping the Helix HX would solve a few redundancy issues as well provide a rig I truly dreamed of To add to the frustration over an otherwise GREAT amp is the MIDI behavior of the DT series amps. My plan was use the HX in a MIDI rig. MIDI path: Source Audio Soleman -> Helix HX -> DT25. the catch is the DT25 is hit or miss when it comes to listening to CC commands from a MIDI controller. Also, the Touch OSC option for updating and tweaking the amp is awful. Anyone try the editors I see posted here in the forums? Anyone have better luck with controlling their DT amp with MIDI in general?
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