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  1. Hi, I was setting up my v-Rig on my brand new Helix (and loving it) but ran into one unfulfilled need. That is, I was hoping that trailing functionality would be able to overstep the patch boundary. Lets say you have a nice long delay or reverb going on and the next song is coming up. You switch to the next preset and the last 4 seconds of reverb or delay wouldn't abruptly stop. I thought trailing was the answer but no. Trailing will work if you switch off the block but only while you stay in the patch's context. Ok...I thought... well there is enough space to move to, you can make a B path or combine different blocks on or off and so. And surely you can establish great things with all of it. But wouldn't it be great if Line6 would make yet a 3rd mode as in: Bank, Stompbox and... SCENES!!!! Imagine that! Just changing parameters on the available blocks in the preset... it's so easy to do program wise! Is an easy win! You setup all the blocks you love then program clean, crunch, dreamy, excited, solo (or whatever you would like to call them) scenes on different switches. Then each switch changes everything without braking the trails. Dreamy might enlarge feedback on the delay, higher the depth and lower the speed on the trem, and change the Exp1 to wah with a small scope in the low range. Then solo would up the gain on the distortion block, change Exp1 to volume or so... you get the picture. And then still make the swithing latch or temp... That would make it even more versatile. How do you guys feel about it? Cheers.
  2. Hi, Is it so...that HELIX, being a floating point DSP, allows for no worries in regard to signal headroom? Like... Is there is just no way that you could get digital clipping in there? Then I can imagine a VU-meter not being necessary. But an A/D converter with infinite headroom? I fifth this motion anyway because I love to get more stuff!!!
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