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  1. I've got all firmware and software updated to latest and greatest. For my needs, the delay is too conspicuous to make changing in the middle of a song usable, so I just set my songs up with the assumption that any tonal changes need to be done via FX and controller changes. It is what it is. My previous amp was a Roctron Voodu Valve, and I could play sixteenth note runs, switch patches and never miss a beat. But that's an analog amp. Digital is a different class of creature, bringing much more power and a different set of limitations. It's not useful to get hung up on how you think a piece of technology should behave, only to understand the art of the possible and work from there.
  2. I have Cubase loading my presets, which of course takes a second or two. That's fine, but what I'd like is to have the preset set up so that when it loads, it's muted. I've been attempting to do this by including a volume pedal, but can't find any way to have it start at zero. The CC / volume value seems to automatically go to full when the preset loads and not change until I explicitly fire a CC. And since I can't really talk to the preset via CC until it's loaded, what I get is a one or two second blip of hiss, etc before it's loaded and I can fire a CC for volume zero. I know a noise gate will mitigate the hiss, but at the moment I'm trying to understand the art of the possible with this amp, as today it's a volume I want defaulted, tomorrow it'll be something else controlled by CC that I'd like set to a specific value when the preset loads. So, I guess this is two separate questions, really. 1. How do I set up a preset so that it loads muted? 2. How do I set up a preset so that a CC controlled parameter starts at a predefined value? As always, grateful for any insights you can offer.
  3. Thanks, J. One thing I noticed was that IE had me hardwired to my Pro HD. Brought it up in Chrome and could change selections. Was looking for a decent patch for Mississippi Queen so I searched for Mountain, which gave me both the band and Blackmore's Man on a sliver mountain. My (vague) understanding is that the HD Pro is compatible patch-wise with some others. Most of what I found were Bean or Xt patches. Is there documentation somewhere that would tell me which products' patches would be compatibile with the HD Pro?
  4. Whiel a zip / rar of all the patches would be an effecient method for bulk download, to me it doesn't really address the fundamental issue. Out of a couple thousand patches, there are only a relative few that I would be interested in as we each have different musical directions. I don't know if something like this would violate some sort of terms of service with Line 6, but to me a third party website with patches, done a bit better, could be very useful. Regarding Stumblinman's "too many variables" observation, yes, you're right. It's not possible to do with 100% accuracy / relevancy. That said, there's still value in an approach that allows you to upload a patch and an mp3. Comments for this combination would indicate which guitar the recording was made from. Even something as simple as a single coil / humbucker designation could be useful. When I audition a tone, I'm looking for a ballpark to see if it interests me or not. A patch labeled "Joe's very cool guitar patch" doesn't tell me whether or not I should spend the time downloading it. If I click the mp3 and hear a clear, bluesy tone and the comments say it was a Strat, or just the xyz guitar on single coil, I have a much better idea of its usefulness to me. I suggested a third party website (assuming no conflict with Line 6) because software developers in large corporate beasts don't have the freedom or time to do many things they'd like to do. A good idea often meets with Death by Committee. A personal project, on the other hand, has no such constraints and can be whatever it wants to be. And while I'm grateful for the efforts and sentiments of those who would upload / host large collections, there's no way I'm going to download two thousand patches and hope there are a dozen I care about. With a well designed UI, however, (think Amazon's mp3 previews on an album), I could quickly click and dismiss tones after just a couple of seconds. All of which is just howling at the moon as I doubt anything like this will appear on the web, either here or from a personal project, but I thought it worth mentioning just the same. You never know...
  5. Nico, Great stuff, man. A lot of your patches are classic rock / blues, so I'm familiar enough to have a sense of what they are (many downloads happening soon). Also, love the videos - exactly the kind o tutorials I needed. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the tip on the HD500 / HD bean / 500X - I didn't know that. The more, the merrier!
  7. Kinda surprising that there isn't, but thanks for confirming that I wasn't missing something. And for the warning! :)
  8. Thanks, man. I think for the most part I can just change patches before each song. If I need in-song voodoo, I suspect I'll just have to have a patch with all the components I need and turn them on / off / etc. via FS & controllers. I played around with that concept tongith and hit the DSP wall more than a few times, but I think the concept has legs.
  9. Hope this is the appropriate place for this post. I'm seeing 37 pages of tones on Customtime, which is great. However, short of downloading them all, I'm not seeing any way to hear a sample. There are a lot named by songs I've not heard of, and of course they may be great tones that I can use but I have no reference point. is there some kind of auditioning method that i'm overlooking, or do you guys just download all 37 pages and try them out one at a time in your rig?
  10. I've just started working in earnest with my HD and I'd been assuming that I could change patches in the middle of a song, e.g. verse / chorus / solo / verse / chorus. However, there's a signficant delay when switching patches, and of course you can't really afford to drop a note or chord in the middle of a song while the patch changes. I saw someone comment on this in a different thread so I figure it's a well known issue. With that in mind, how do you guys handle things when you want to switch patches several times in the middle of a song?
  11. i'm just now getting into mine and have noticed that delay. My old Voodu Valve was instant, so I was assuming I'd be able to do patch switching as a part of my scheme. So the conspicuous delay wasn't a bug fixed by some firmware update but is rather "just the way it is?" That's discouraging.
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