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  1. thanks all! yeah, two green lights, so no connection or power issues, and fresh install and updates, so workbench, monkey, and java all current. it *was* possible to circumvent the error to get to workbench, but not to reach the guitar's patches. BUT i just got it to work. only thing i can think of is that Automap may have changed? my Novation keyboard uses it to communicate controller data with my software. no idea how to handle this if Novation and Line 6 data don't get along for some reason :/ (have fiddled with Automap since having the problem, but didn't think i'd changed any settings; also, i'm not trying to use the keyboard and guitar concurrently or anything like that).
  2. hi there! i run Line 6 Monkey and can choose either Variax USB Interface or Tyler Variax devices. both open, both report being up to date. both lights are green on the interface. when i run Workbench, it errors "Could not connect to the Tyler Variax. Please check all MIDI and power connections and click 'Refresh' in the tone locker. if i press Configure, the MIDI devices window shows up with No Device Detected displayed in the list. no amount of plugging, unplugging, Refreshing, powering on or off is working. it HAS connected properly in the past, but i've only had this a few days. is there some magic order everything needs to be connected and powered? is there a secret MIDI configuration i should make somewhere? frustrating! Windows 7 laptop, JTV-89
  3. same problem here, and as soon as i moved the the USB to a different port the update went through fine :)
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