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  1. Thanks. If it really is that good then I may still consider it.
  2. Is there a way to download a single amp model from one of the HD amp model packs without purchasing the entire pack? I am trying to create a specific tone and I want to try the Vox AC30 Normal Channel amp model as I suspect (if it's well modelled) that it will do the job. I don't really want to spend £40-£50 on the vintage model pack in case it doesn't fit the bill and particularly as I am unlikely to ever use the other amp models. However if I had to spend £10 for example on a single amp model then this would be much more appealing. Second question - Given that it's now 2018 and Line 6 appears to have moved on to the Helix, should Line 6 consider making the HD amp model packs for the Pod HD range freely available? R
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