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  1. Should it work? I mean, the rig is like this: Mic on phantom power INPUT -> Phantom power output on Line 6's toneport XLR Input. So now the situation changes, the problem is on the phantom power box or on the mic itself. Condenser mics (even those mid-priceds like the behringer b1) should be sensible and have a huge gain, right? So I'll have to test my mic+box on another device.
  2. It's one of these, I believe it's made in brazil. http://produto.mercadolivre.com.br/MLB-715550401-phantom-power-duplo-arcano-arc-phan-02-duplo-alta-qualidade-_JM It looks like the Samson's. It does have an external supply that connects on the wall socket. Analyzing the situation, it looks like that toneport ux1 xlr input doesn't support 48v at all. Not even with an external power source like those boxes. Thanks for replying me.
  3. Hello Line 6 Community. Been using Line 6 products for more than 10 years now, but always for live sound. I just started my home studio and decided to go simple first, so I already had a Line 6 TonePort UX1 and I decided to use it as my soundcard/table. I play guitar and always used my toneport with programs like gearbox, guitar rig and amplitube. It always worked well, but I've never tried XLR input of my toneport since I never wanted to record voice. Then I bought a mic. Without knowing what "phantom power" and "condenser" mics really meant, I fell for a Behringer B-1 mic. For in case you guys don't know, it's a XLR condenser mic (which needs 48v power to work). So I turned it on my toneport and the expected happened: "No sound". Then I searched in the internet for the cause and it led me to "Phantom Power boxes". I bought one of these little boxes that apparently have a XLR input, a XLR output and a Phantom Power switch. I rigged everything to my toneport. When the phantom power switch of the box is off, the green light saying 12v appears. In that case, the microphone works but with a very low audio gain. Ridiculously low, srsly. When I turn the Phantom Power on, the red led says 48v and then... for my surprise... it doesn't work at all. The toneport doesn't get any sound. Then I thought that it makes sense, "How does the toneport will receive a 48v signal by being only connected in a USB input?". I guess the guy who said to buy a phantom power box thought that the toneport ux1 was connected to another source of energy, not only USB. My question is: Do I have to upgrade to Toneport UX2 or other newer version which doesn't rely only in usb as a power source so I can use my 48V mic? Or it should have worked 48v in my toneport? I'm lost now, since the internet says one thing and I've tried and didn't get results... Thanks in advance and have a nice day, guys.
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