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    Helix FAQ

    Thought about it a little more, and now I'm thinking it would be great to create a single all-purpose Power Amp block with multiple settings in it (tubes type, sagging, bias, damping, resonance, LO freq control + Presence etc.). Or maybe very few different Poweramp blocks with different coloring and 'touch' to sound.
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    Helix FAQ

    That's insanely great if true, thanks!
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    Helix FAQ

    Hi, I have some questions: 1) Obviously I'll be able to record Helix over USB by sending it to DAW. But can I process a Helix's signal in DAW with, say, some VST plugin and send it back to Helix for further processing (this effectively emulates the ability to insert an external plugin somewhere in the middle of Helix's chain) ? That would be a killer feature! 2) Does Helix 'color' sound if all elements in its chain are disabled/removed? I'm asking because when I tried to run my POD X3 Live in the tube amplifier effects loop (just for sake of delays/reverbs etc.), it DID color amp's sound even with ALL effects disabled. 3) Oh, and does it have separate Power Amp and Preamp blocks? It would be great to mix different preamps and poweramps then... Thanks in advance.
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