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  1. Just got a POD Go this week. Great stuff. Does anyone know, or can anyone test, if the POD Go is fully compatible with the Mission SP1-L6H expression pedal? That is the one with the toe switch. I would love to be able to use the expression pedal with the toe switch with my POD Go if it will work. Thank you!
  2. Hmm, maybe it's OK now. It's been charging for over 2 hours, which is a lot longer than I'd been able to get it to charge for. EDIT: Maybe not, when I came in this morning it was still charging (light flashing green). Shouldn't it have stopped at some point?
  3. New G10 unit, just opened it today. I can't seem to get it to charge fully. I've tried charging it in both the G10 base unit and my (also new) Yamaha THR10IIWL. I tried updating the firmware. There was no update on the base unit but the transmitter updated to 1.04. No apparent difference. I read all the manuals to see if I was missing something. It looks like it's charging for a little while but stops, then I get less than 30 minutes use out of it before it dies. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. I currently have a dual footswitch unit (FS4 + FS5) connected to my HX Stomp. Does this mean I cannot also use a Y-cable to connect an expression pedal? Looking in the manual but the description is not clear as to whether my footswitch counts as one or two.
  5. Huge thanks! Now it's working! Note that the FS-7 needs to be connected using jack B, and its polarity switch setting doesn't matter.
  6. I'm trying to get a BOSS FS-7 footswitch to work with my HX Stomp, Firmware 2.82. I'm using a TRS cable, FS-7 running passive set to momentary mode. When I hit either switch on the FS-7, the preset changes correctly at first and stays there for about a second, then it starts scrolling quickly through the presets. I am just expecting it to scroll one preset per footswitch press. Any ideas on there about what I could be doing wrong? Are BOSS footswitches not compatible? AFAIK the FS-7 is the same internally as the FS-6, but in a vertical (rather than horizontal) form factor. In HX Edit I set the following in Preferences > Device Settings: EXP/FS Tip: FS4 EXP/FS Ring: FS5 FS4 Function: Preset Up FS5 Function: Preset Down
  7. Interesting post. Personally I'm holding out for the HD Desktop X (Bean).
  8. Forgive me if this has already been answered/discussed. I did some searching both on Google and here but didn't come up with anything. Are there any plans to release a POD HDX Desktop? A short while ago I started feeling stale with the POD HD and went on a modeler spree. I tried everything I could get my hands on short of an AxeFX (even tried a Kemper). In the end, my POD HD bean is still here, and still my #1 source of direct tone. I'm toying with the idea of just getting an HD500X, but I have really come to love the Bean form factor with its smaller size and power switch (versus the floor units) and bank up/down and patch ABCD buttons (versus the rack units). Line 6, please update the POD HD Desktop with the extra DSP handling capacity of the HD500X!
  9. So I'm running a Blackstar ID60 into a THD Hot Plate into the POD HD input. It sounds very good. I started with the settings above, but I found that I was able to really bring it to life by using the amp sim controls on the POD while keeping the gain very low (no higher than 2%).
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried that one, but it's a step in the wrong direction. I'm using the Tuner bypass as a comparison. I turned the volume down to 80% from the previous settings and it seems close enough, but I'm open to other suggestions. Thanks guys.
  11. The closest I can get so far with the BF Double NRM Amp is: Drive 0 Bass 25 Mid 100 Treb 0 Pres 0 Vol 100 Master 50 Sag 0 Mixer +12dB (L&R) Seems pretty close, but I'd be open to any other suggestions. Thanks.
  12. I'm testing a THD Hot Plate, and I want to use the POD HD's cab sims for testing an amp out. Is there an amp sim on the POD that will give me a flat response so I can still use a cab sim in the signal chain? Alternatively is there any way to enable a cab but no amp? I've tried the BF Double Nrm and BF Double Nrm Pre sims without any luck yet. Any ideas?
  13. Heh, now you guys are reminding me about what I didn't like from the X3. I recently went on a modeler voyage, trying out an Eleven Rack, Zoom G5, and others, only to come back to POD HD. It really is the best device out there besides the AFX/Kemper duopoly on high-end digital tone. I'll be looking at the X3 as a supplement to the HD. Any more thoughts?
  14. So I just took a flyer on a used POD X3 bean which I can return painlessly if I decide I don't want to keep it, but I do need to decide fairly quickliy after it gets here. I had an X3L from the time they came out until just before the POD HD series came out, and I remember a few things about it that I really miss that sadly haven't ever been replaced by the POD HD500/Bean: - The sine chorus. Possibly my favorite chorus effect ever. - All the bass amps/cabs. I'm really not crazy about either the bassman or flip-top models in the HD500. - Dual rigs without any concern whatsoever for DSP overload. I have found it very hard to get a great dual rig sound in the HD500 without hitting the wall. It was great to be able to do all the fantastic dual rig stuff in the X3 without concern for DSP limitations. I can get great sounds out of the HD, but I remember back in the day I felt like I could dial in absolutely anything on the X3. My biggest complaint was that it did not respond well to vol/tone rollbacks from the guitar. So my question is, what are the things that YOU miss about the X3, or if there is anyone who keeps both an X3 and HD, why do you keep both around?
  15. So it's using POD 2.0 tech... Is it possible to import POD 2.0 patches into the Mobile POD app?
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