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  1. wvwisniewski

    Recognizing songs in library

    They are songs I purchased through I tunes and they show up in my iTunes library. I know because I do a lot of long distance flying (8 plus hours) and often listen to the songs during the flight, so they can't be in the cloud. They were downloaded to my iPad by hooking it up to my Windows desktop and syncing the iPad with my iTunes library through iTunes. Any way to determine if metadata is missing? Thanks for your help. My tastes are eclectic enough that most of the matching tones are always the same 4 and irrelevant anyway but that is another story.
  2. wvwisniewski

    Recognizing songs in library

    These are songs that are downloaded and not in the cloud.
  3. wvwisniewski

    Recognizing songs in library

    Why does the amplifi app only find a few of the songs resident on my iPad. I have well over 200 songs and about 50 artists and 50 albums but it only shows about 15 albums in the app
  4. wvwisniewski

    Ampifi Acoustic Tones

    Is Line 6 supplying any information on the use of acoustic guitars through the amplifi amps and tones available? Can't seem to find any information on the web or from dealers.