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  1. Hey ! Problem solved going back to basics did the trick all is good. Thanks for the tips light touch and the restringing technique worked for me I think string slippage was the main problem many thanks for the advice Steve
  2. Thanks for all the tips, Ive just put new strings on and do change them as soon as I can feel the fret marks on the underneath of the string
  3. Hey thanks for your help I thought I knew how to string a guitar but maybe I need to go back to basics I'd never thought of the light touch Ill try it Thanks again Steve
  4. Hi My Jtv 59 will not stay in tune particulally the bottom E string, it sounds like the intonation is not set right but it is spot on any thoughts ?? Thanks
  5. I see from the app that it has a couple of acoustic amps very interested to hear the tones
  6. POD HD 500 £299 should we read anything into this ?? or is it a plain old fashoned bargain ? http://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/pedals_multi_detail.asp?stock=10092712250031
  7. Use the looper to adjust your tones, best tip I've ever had ;0)
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