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  1. I discovered that when I use the Pod Go Edit from my desktop computer, I had terrible background noise. But I found that when I connected it to my laptop, there was virtually no noise. Now the laptop is my go-to Edit computer!
  2. I'd love to see colored footswitches in Snapshot mode!
  3. I use the Pod Go into a Fender 40-watt tube amp, and I break all the rules. I use the Line Out to get a "cleaner' sound instead of one tailored for amp users. I only use amp presets occasionally for distortion, typically a Bogner for a bluesy overdrive. I'm not a heavy metal guy, but I use other amp presets occasionally. As for volume, I spend hours at home trying to dial in a volume consistent with my other patches, then hours more after playing with the band redoing them. (Learn about the Fletcher-Munson curve) The only rule is to do what sounds good to your ears. (BTW, I loved my Korg AX-1000G. It was complicated to program but gave a great sound for its day.)
  4. Thank you for this, I had the same problem. To get out of demo mode, hold down Up and Down and buttons A, B, C and D all at the same time while rebooting. I used a hardback book to hold down all six buttons.
  5. Same here. I used a thick hardback book to hold down all six buttons at the same time!
  6. I plug my Pod Go into a Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue, and use the Pod mainly for effects. I disobey all the "rules." I use the Main out and set the Main Out level in Global Settings to "Line." I find that doesn't color my tone like some of the amp settings. I do use some of the Amp blocks just for distortion. I like the Bogner for a crunchy blues sound. Mainly, my advice is to try it different ways and do what sounds best to your ears, both at home and in a live setting, if you play with a band.
  7. I have a preset using pitch bend, and I've found I need to press the pedal down and then up before I play. Works every time.
  8. Following. I find stomping two switches at once to be awkward sometimes.
  9. These are all good points. I made the switch when my beloved HD500X became unreliable and I had some gigs coming up. I love the Pod Go. It seems simpler to program and edit. The Snapshots give you a flexibility within patches, setting up a clean rhythm and a dirty, louder lead without a pause, instantly switching effects or maybe increasing the amount of delay. Or all of the above. Now we can name and color-code the Snapshots, which is nice. Some people are impatient with the number of effect blocks in the Go, but I've never found that limitation to be a problem. I use relatively simple patches for blues or classic rock sounds, so maybe that's why. Plus the Go is smaller, useful when playing on small stages. And lighter, easier to pack in my gig bag. On the other hand, if you're happier with your 500X, you can keep the money. You can probably rig up your own patches to mimic the sounds your instructor is getting.
  10. But you can change amp settings like drive. It's easy to find amps that sound good clean and dirty. Play around with channel volume vs. master volume.
  11. I play into a Fender amp, clean. I use Main out, just because to my ears it sounds better. I mainly use the Pod Go amps for distortions, because I think they sound better than the distortion effects. I mainly use the Go in place of my old elaborate pedal board of effects. It's not what most people do, but I like it and find the Pod Go reliable for gigging and rehearsals.
  12. The answer is, whatever you think sounds the best. I play the Go into a Fender tube amp, using it in place of the elaborate pedalboard I used to lug around. I use the Main out because it's cleaner for me, and I plug directly into the amp (a Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue). I use some Go amp sims for their distortion since I keep the amp clean, but I generally don't use the cabs. But you can if you think they sound better. Forget "the rules." Try it different ways and do what sounds best to your ears.
  13. I've thought about that. I wish Line 6 would do it in the next update.
  14. Is the HD500X still supported? Mine got wonky and I replaced it with the smaller, easier Pod Go. They haven't updated the 500 in ages. I like having the onboard expression pedal.
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