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  1. I love the simplicity and tone of the Bass PODxt Live, thus I'm still carting it to every bass gig I play at. However, I also have the M9 and happened to plug the bass into it with the Sub Octave was a life changing moment. All the fuzzes and distortions on the Bass PODxt sound thin because you can't run an effects chain and a clean bass chain simultaneously to maintain the low end lost in the distortion effects. But sweet baby of chaos...that Sub Octave Fuzz is more doom than Conan the Barbarian after a two week bender. Now, to keep with simplicity, is there a way I can upload the Sub Octave Fuzz model into the Bass PODxt Live? Is there an update? A hack, I dare say? I don't want to mess up the signal chain trying to squeeze the M9 before the PODxt Live. Much obliged for your help, RS
  2. I have the Spider V 120 and I'm looking to get the wireless transmitter. However, I'm considering getting the whole GT10 transmitter and receiver system as I would like to use it with my other amps. Will the GT10 that comes with the receiver work with the built in receiver on the Spider V series?...or is it only the GT10T that will work with the Spiders?
  3. Greetings compadres! I picked up a Spider V 120 and its tons of fun, but I'm having an issue someone else may have already figured out. I play in a covers band and love the flexibility of the Spider, but when I switch to my Taylor 314 acoustic, I can't seem to tune out a gnarly hiss from any of my acoustic settings. Anyone have any suggestions on which parameters I should adjust? Any templates other people made that you found work well for acoustics? Many thanks and model on, RS
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