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  1. Press 1B and 2B (Top left) at the same time - On the screen - Use the top left knob and scroll through the set ups till you come to - PREFS - SCENES - Not totally sure which way you want it, but this is where you can change those settings that you are looking to do. Press 1B and 2B again to get out - if it's not what you want - just go back and do it again - It gets easier with time.
  2. Issue resolved a bit of futzing and I was able to get the battery pack(s) to work. The one issue I have left is a hum with the power pack using an XLR - exactly what you wouldn't expect, but since I'm no longer using it - moot point.
  3. Thanks all for your responses . . . I will try both my battery packs as well as a 9V just to see if I have any luck, but since I'm gigging Saturday and Thursday next - I will have to live with what I have and work toward a solution in a week or so. Again my sincerest thanks - but I truly do wish that Line 6 had a proprietary board with power to eliminate this and powering my M9 as well.
  4. I've got 2 Line 6 battery packs already in hopes that it would solve the issue . . . - I'll try again, but anticipate similar results.
  5. Thanks for the response Ben . . . No I've always tried the battery pack with the 6AA's - according to what I have read it lasts longer - need it to last all night - don't want to be switching out batteries all night. I do enough of that with my In-Ears. Guess I could give it shot, but don't need it to go south in the middle of song. If I lose my ears I can still find a note - but I'm not sure I can sing a chord. What are you plugging into with the Vetta II VDI Ben?
  6. I purchased a 300 (500?) when they first came out used it at home. Been mothballed essentially for years, but the reason I didn't use it much was the battery pack with the 6AA never seemed to work. The floor unit was bulky and never fit well on a pedalboard, and the power block was clumsy with a lot of unneeded cordage - plus the XLR out quit working. Long story longer - I've started gigging the 300, but still have issues with the A/B power floor unit. Will the newer battery pack work with an older Variax? I don't mind spending money to fix this and no, I really don't want a newer Variax, I have enough guitars (just ask my wife). Are there any solutions, or am I doomed. I play through an M9 as well and so have the power A/B Box as well as the two blocks from the two units and all the cording tucked underneath. Why oh Why hasn't Line 6 come up with their own proprietary pedalboard? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, MelvinDale
  7. Wilson . . . I can only wish there was a quick and easy solution, but Uber's comment 'Not that I know of' is all too true. I use an M9 and several different pedals and haven't found one pedal board or power source that covers everything. You would have thought Line 6 or Yamaha would have come out with a proprietary pedal board by now. I would love to run my M9 and my Variax together on stage, but I don't play concert halls with that much stage room.
  8. Having spent 4 years with my Line 6 transformer Velcro'ed and gaffer taped to my PedalTrain, I thought it would be good to buy a Voodoo Labs AC which powers the M9 just fine - now my other effects don't seem to want to work, but that's posted on another forum . . That is unless someone can twll me how they power their M9 and typical 9V effects pedals? What I really don't understand is why Line 6 has yet to address this themselves a propriatary board with the abilty to power the M13 any other products would seem to me a no brainer (but then, I digress). I would love to have a board where I could plug both my Variax and my M9 in, so as not to have to spend and extra 1/2 hour setting up and tearing down . . . Just my thoughts.
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