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  1. The volume and preset knobs dont work. I'm not talking about some obscure parameter of some obscure effect or amp model. Ok if a delay was off here or there, you could certainly live with that. They made a software update (and didn't properly vet it) that renders the entire control apparatus useless. That's not a small glitch. I reverted back to 2.82. Still a huge fan of Line 6 and it's products.
  2. What about the volume and preset knobs? Not working. Absolute trash. I wish you guys would do a better job of QCing your updates before you put em out. This is unacceptable.
  3. Also you used to be able to select snapshots my hitting the mode button, doesnt work now. why?
  4. I'm having this same problem! other knobs are also not working. Any ideas?
  5. Just installed 2.90 on my Helix LT. Volume knob not working, preset knob not working, sometimes no sound. All seems to resolve when I turn the device off and on, but then reoccurs! any thoughts?
  6. thank you all, that alleviates my concerns! its an awesome device.
  7. Hi,, (I'm new to the Helix family, just bought an LT). I was messing around with a Helix preset that I created (heavy gain, heavy distortion). I was trying to compare the sounds of my Fender Strat vs. my Gibson LP Standard. In this particular preset that I have, both guitars sound exactly the same (you can't tell them apart). Now, this is probably my own doing, in that the preset is very heavy gain, heavy distortion, that probably bleeds out the unique sound of the guitar (Strat vs Gibson LP). So I was wondering: what are (in general) the best settings to maximize the unique sound of your guitar? (solid body LP, vs Strat, etc etc).
  8. Is it ok to turn the Helix LT on and off (I'm talking about the main power) a lot, I mean several times per day? Is there a standby mode instead?
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