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  1. This happens all the time for me as well. It happens every time a windows dialog box should open inside of native.
  2. I need to be able to set the midi channel that native listens on. I know I can use midi learn, but I am using a morningstar controller that sends multiple messages on different channels, to change various VST paramters. Is there any easy way to set native to only respond to a specific midi channel ?
  3. I was pretty upset that my update to 2.0 failed, it eventually worked trying loads of different USB ports, but I've never had a problem like that with any piece of kit (H9, Tc electronic etc). I think there is a problem somewhere in the driver as it can disconnect randomly as well. BUT, as for sound, I'm blown away with it. Through my new HD600s (another £200 in the money pit !) it's exceptional, and I'm not easily thrilled. Yes, the pitch shifting could be better, and I've been spoiled by BigSky reverbs, but this thing is absolutely brilliant. Love it, well done Line6. Can't believe modelling has come so far.
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