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  1. I have my SonicPort/Mobile Pod set up as such: IPad2 Graphic Equilizer, No Amp, No Cab Delay Chorus Reverb Then into my tube amp. When using a built in amp and can outputting to powered speaker, it all wotks fine. Last night I had my first practice with my band where I used the sonic port and with two notes only the fundemental did into come through, only the octave. First fret B string ©, and first fret low E string (F). When I "toe tapped" the chorus out of the signal, the fundamentals showed up. Anyone else had something like this happen? Cheers.
  2. I had the same problem. Using Mobile Pod, through the earphones, I could hear the samples and any song I played, just no guitar input. Geech had the solution for me. I went into settings, and turned on the microphone for the Mobile Pod and everything worked as advertised. True, I have only had it one day but... If it goes south, will update.
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