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  1. I have a ticket open too...the polarity keeps changing on pedal 1 ... pedal 2 seems fine...
  2. nerven

    HX FX Looper

    Is it possible to sync two hx fx unit's loopers?
  3. nerven

    HX FX Looper

    Any way to save or export loops?
  4. I would like to use a seprate pedal for the looper too...midi pedal?
  5. Yes, any suggestions? This is the only aspect of the unit I have not explored yet...
  6. cool...looking forward... Spring is until Jun 21 so I guess we got some time....
  7. Euripide,did not mean to jack your thread...I think what you want to do is possible as the Y does have a L/R balance control of each path...
  8. As far as I can tell, there is no mixer at the beginning of the signal path, only at the end. At the beginning you only get a Y option. I have cables plugged in and the mixer at the beginning of the path does not appear. I tried to put the volume block set to 0 after the Y then add the return block as the input, but it created a feedback loop...I've asked support and they seem to think there should be a mixer block at the beginning, just like at the end...but I can't get it to happen. I'm not trying to split Main L/R input, but trying to have the Main L/R on path A and the Return L/R on Path B. But any discrete input path would work for my needs....
  9. I'd like to know this too... I can assign Path A and B outputs independantly but the input seems to default to only Y.
  10. nerven

    HX FX Looper

    1.) I should have used the correct terminology. I was asking if the length of the overdub loop could be multiples of the original loop length vs. stack ? 2x 3x 4x 8x ... 4.) Can 2 HX FX units sync loopers? 5.) Is it possible to use an external foot switch to control the overdub in/out? Thank you for your answers!
  11. nerven

    HX FX Looper

    Hoping you guys develop the looper a bit more...
  12. nerven

    HX FX Looper

    1.) Does the overdub have to restart after one play of the first loop? Is it possible to keep overdubbing for multiple passes? 2.) Does overdub start as soon as you press or does it wait till the beginning of the first loop? 3.) is there a level threshold to start recording vs press?
  13. Odd one...but there was a band that performed namm 2006 or around then... in the line6 booth. They were called mule something...it was a dude in a wig and the song was about a girl who stepped on a sugar packet...so he called her sweet shoes...I would like to watch that performance again... if anyone has a link or has any idea what i'm talking about...
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