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  1. Thanks so much. Part of the problem was the HX Effects I bought used said it had 2.91 on it but it didn't because I was missing the HX Snapshot in Command mode. Just upgraded to 2.92 and now that's working. I looked at the CC Toggling and it's not what I want. Stomp will just be a MIDI slave to the HX Effects. I plan on using the 6 buttons, 4 for snapshots, one just for looper "play" and one, not sure. The thing is, if I hit Play on one of the buttons it will stay lit, even if I press stop. I'd like all the custom buttons to work like it works in Snapshot mode - you press snapshot 1, it lights up. You press snapshot 2, it lights up and snapshot 2 goes off.... I appreciate the response!!
  2. I'm loving the new Command Center but I can't figure out how to turn off one switch when I step on another switch to show me what is active. I'm trying to use my HX Effects as a MIDI controller to also control my HX Stomp so I need to see which button is lit - like when you change snapshots, the current snapshot turns off when you select a new snapshot.
  3. I was at a gig this weekend and the guitarist was playing simply a Mad Professor One drive into the clean channel of his Marshall Vintage Modern amp into a 4x12 cab. It sounded awesome. I'd love to have this OD modeled in the Helix.
  4. Thanks Phil - I really didn't understand that bit in the manual - they should include your note.:) Is there a technical reason why the CC# can't be changed or is this something I should post in the ideas forum as a feature request?
  5. I finally got my dual switching for the internal HX Looper working - using a One Control Basilisk and looping back the MIDI out to the MIDI IN of the HX using a MIDI Solutions Quadra Merge - but... It appears that Instant Commands are stored at the preset level, not the snapshot level - is that true? Also, it appears footswitch MIDI commands only work when you are in "stompbox" mode? - is that true? Thanks! Steve
  6. I got a One Control Basilisk MIDI pedal controlling the Looper without having to turn on the looper page. It's not perfect, but it works really well. I can start record, hit play to stop recording and hit stop. Only have 4 buttons so I can't access the other settings but I don't need that.
  7. I don't understand the purpose of your post. It is now Spring and I want an ETA on the software. Is that an issue?
  8. Sorry I wasn't clearer in my post. It doesn't even work well as a Librarian as I can't copy presets...
  9. I love my new HX Effects but my back hurts from leaning down to edit it (nice job on the interface though). I'm an old man and hope to see HX Edit software before I pass on. Possible? I heard Spring 2018, which is where we are. Hello? Hello? McFly? Thank you.
  10. Was looking for just that.
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