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  1. I just did this recently. I'm using an Apogee Gio to control and switch patches with MainStage. I set it up with my Snapshots and use the Gio to change snapshots per song. It worked fine although it was my first time using it to record live and I was a little rushed and not as prepared as I'd like to be but it worked well. I know this original post is a couple of years old, but if anyone is wondering, yes, it can be done.
  2. OK! I finally got this figured out. I'll share my solution here should anyone have problems setting up their MIDI controller to control an HX Effects. I use a Decibel 11 Switch Doctor. I LOVE it. It has two CC banks, A and B. Under normal operation, a value of 000 is sent to a MIDI device when a switch is turned off. If you'd like to set up your device to switch Snapshots, and it operates similar to the Switch Doctor, you'll have to set it up to ONLY SEND ON commands to the HX Effects in order to create presets on your MIDI controller that switch Snapshots. The problem will then be that you'll have no way to get to Snapshot 1 since value 000 on a CC number is sent when a switch is off and you're now only sending ON commands. To adjust for this, on your second bank, in my case, CCB, create a CC of number 69 and you can leave the value at 127 for when it is switched on. This won't do anything on the HX effects, it's just a dummy value that you turn in order to avoid sending a value of 000 to the HX Effects that will automatically switch to Snapshot 1. So basically you'll want this switch on whenever you want to create a preset with Snapshot 2, 3, or 4 on your MIDI device. This is also why whenever I tried to create a tuner preset on my MIDI controller, it kept switching the tuner on and off. The tuner by default is set up to switch on or off when receiving CC number 68 and any value. It's really sort of any annoying setup and I'm bummed Line6 chose to set it up this way. On the M series devices, you could choose a CC value to turn the tuner on or off, instead of all or nothing. So, I set up my tuner on the same bank as the ONLY SEND ON snapshots. Ideally, it seems to me it would've made more sense to set up the Snapshots on their own separate CC numbers with a value to turn them on and off. Or at a minimum, not use value 000 for Snapshot 1. But that said, I managed to figure it out, even though it's not pretty. Anyway, should anyone have issues setting up their MIDI controller with an HX Effects, or their Decibel 11 with the HX Effects, I hope this helps. :)
  3. So I think I figured out the problem. I can now switch presets with my MIDI switcher without the tuner coming on and just jump straight from preset to preset. The way I got around it was by just turning off CC messages for the tuner to the HX Effects. I never had this problem with the M9 or M13 and the only thought I have is with the M series pedals, you can send a command ENTER the tuner (64–127) and EXIT the tuner (0–63). With the HX Effects, it's just a toggle (Tuner Screen on/off). I'd love to put in a request somehow to update the HX Effects to have the option to enter and exit the tuner instead of an all or nothing option. (I'm also having problems with Snapshots via midi control but I'm gonna keep seeing if I can figure that out before checking in for help.)
  4. Thanks for your response Phil. I tried that, and it didn’t work. It looks like it just puts the HX effect in bypass mode instead of snapshots so even though the Switch Dr. doesn’t start at zero, the correct CC# seems to work. For whatever reason when switching channels through, the HX Effects wants to go into tuner mode. I’m racking my brain to figure out what to do. Even when using presets only, it switches to the tuner. This never happened with the m9 and I cannot figure out why it would happen here.
  5. Recently came across this issue. I tried setting up my HX Effects with a Decibel 11 Switch Doctor to switch presets and snapshots on the HX Effects via the Switch Doctor. Every time I tried to switch to a different preset, it would automatically switch to the tuner when selecting a new preset. Also, I couldn't get it to switch snapshots correctly using Midi CC messages. As far as I can tell, all my settings are correct. Is anyone having issues or doing anything special to switch to snapshot presets via a midi controller? Anyone else having this issue with a Switch Dr? Upgraded from an M9 and didn't have any issues at all. Super bummed right now. Thanks
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