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  1. I think it's more likely to set a stereo ambiance... Not really sure... (Something like in the manual with to amps)... I got the board recommendation... I just thought maybe I can have it all set up and just move instead of setting it up every time I go to a different gig... Don't know if I'm making sense here... Thank you for the response...
  2. vazquezcpr

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    Not much and still learning but this is mine
  3. I'm trying to set up my rig and was wondering if it was possible to run the 7 cable method on am amplifier with two effect loops? I'm no pro... Just play at church and some Christian rock here and there... Just enjoy having nice things... This is my floor board so far... -Ibanez JSA5 -Ibanez AZ224 BIG -Kramer1995 Strat (Fender Noiseless Pickups) -HX Effects Boss DS1 Mission Engineering Expression Pedals -SKB Stage Five FloorBoard -Fender Mustang V Half Stack -Fender Champion 100
  4. Im no pro i just like to have nice things in my rig and play mostly for christian bands (rock) and worship team at my Church... that being said... will Helix patches work with HX since both have same extention...? Just trying to get more knowlegable on the editing and adding some new sounds... impatiently awaiting the software update on the HX edit... Thanks in advance -HX effects with two mission expression pedals Boss DS1 classic Distortion pedal Stage Five SKB FloorBoard -Ibanez AZ Premium BIG -Ibanez JSA5 -Fender Champion 100 -Fender Mustang V Fender 412 Mustang V cab
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