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  1. So let me get this straight. I have 5 options now? 1) buy another line 6 product to use my existing line 6 product? aka the short board option. NOT GONNA HAPPEN 2) buy another phone/tablet? aka the android option. NOT GONNA HAPPEN 3) downgrading to iOS 8? aka line 6 sucks at customer support. NOT GONNA HAPPEN 4) wait for line 6 to prioritize our needs. aka wait who knows how long and how often. NOT GONNA HAPPEN 5) sell my useless toy amplifi and never buy another line 6 product ever again!!!! WE HAVE A WINNER
  2. Very disappointing Line 6!!! All you had to do was send out an email and all of your customers would have had the option to wait on the update until you had it figured out. To know ahead of time that there was an issue that would render your product unusable and not deem this important enough to warn us is negligent. You have NO problem sending us your advertisements to buy new products but not to keep the products we have already supported you with operating is unappreciative and shameful. I waited until September 24th to install iOS 9 for any bugs to be worked out and in all that time Line 6 failed to notify anyone there was a problem. Do they expect all Apple customers to check ALL of there apps manually before updating to be sure of any issues? That is ridiculous!!!!!!!! Where do we go from here Line 6? I hope you can offer us some retribution. I find it absurd to think the ONLY option is to PURCHASE another Line 6 product just so I can use my Amplifi 150 I already own. Unacceptable
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