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  1. Hmmm, this may be similar to the problem my 9 year old Spider III 120 just developed. I use an FBV Shortboard MkII with it. Recently the expression pedal quit working. It won't even calibrate. Volume is stuck at zero, but you can get it to switch into wah mode but can't mess with the wah. I just tried a new Shortboard thinking it could be the sensor in it, but no change. I'm thinking the amp itself may be toast. The bad news is, this happened just before a gig, and I've got another one tomorrow. I can kind of limp through using the volume control on the guitar, but that's tricky after using a pedal for so many years.
  2. Anybody else run into this? Just recently the expression function of my pedal on my 6 year old MkII shortboard quit working. When it's in volume mode about half the time the light doesn't even come on, but there is no volume at all regardless of whether the light is on or not. The wah on/off switch works, but there is no expression throughout the range of the pedal in that setting either. I've tried running the pedal calibration procedure, but the board doesn't recognize any motion in the pedal. When I press the "D" button to move on to the second step, nothing happens and I just have to power back off and on, then play with the wah switch on. This cropped up right before a gig so I had to get creative in volume control throughout the night. Nothing like a little added pressure, eh? Is there a fix for this or will I have to buy a new board? Thanks. Hoop
  3. I'm having a very similar problem that just cropped up on a 6 year old MKII Shortboard. I'm not sure they're the same issue, though. In your case, have you checked the pedal calibration? If you've never done that, power the amp off and hold down the "D" switch when you power back up. It will walk you through a process to set the pedal volume from 0 to 127. Push all the way down with your toe, press D, pull it all the way back with your heel, press D again, it will have you push the Wah switch, press D, and then it will give you a calibration check. My problem, which just cropped up, appears to be that the expression part pedal is no longer being "detected" by the unit. When I power up I can only get volume in the Wah position, but I have no wah control. Also, I can't walk through the calibration process. It gives me the tow down message, I do and press D, and nothing happens. I'm kind of thinking I'm screwed on this one and have to by another shortboard, but maybe not. Any help on this would be appreciated.
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