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  1. AMPLIFI monitors through itself while recording. Use ASIO drivers on whatever soundcard you buy. They are the most efficient.
  2. I am using a Win 7 laptop. When recording via USB and AMPLIFI as an ASIO driver I can record with low latency but the monitored signal on AMPLIFi (at recording) is definitely mono. On playback (through AMPLIFI) I hear full width stereo. I have established that stereo occurs: USB connected playback Line in on back of AMPLIFI Bluetooth streaming of mp3s MONO occurs: USB connected recording the mono guitar input socket The fact that playback of a USB connected recording is stereo means that the signal path of the guitar jack input is stereo (where stereoFX such as chorus, delay, rev are at the end of the chain) BUT GETS SUMMED TO MONO AFTER THE LAST FX MODULE (but not before routing out via USB) BUT BEFORE ROUTING TO THE SPEAKERS. ( critique of my logic welcome). It seems that a firmware tweak may be the cure for this anomaly (but what would I know). AMPLIFI is clearly described as "immersive" stereo on the product pages. Just another thought regarding USB recording. In WINDOWS you can only have one ASIO device active at any one time so you have to choose the same device as input and output in your DAW. I have heard that MAC users can have 2 (or more) physical devices grouped together and both usable in the one DAW. e.g AMPLIFi as input ASIO device and some other soundcard like an AVID or M Audio as output device. Just maybe this would allow stereo monitoring while recording AND possibly a back-door stereo line out to the main PA mixer, that many people have "wish-listed" on this forum. Anyone want to try it?
  3. I have just done an experiment with my AMPLIFI 150 on this issue of stereo: I have connected the AMPLIFI 150 to my laptop and selected it as the ASIO driver in my DAW. I have programmed a very obvious stereo delay for the test. When I was monitoring through the DAW prior to recording I hear strictly mono. After I record a short section of guitar chords and play it back through the AMPLIFI 150 (all via usb) I hear a gloriously rich stereo sound. I do not what this means but the AMPLIFI 150 is very capable of excellent stereo FX. This must be a firmware bug (imo)
  4. I have been having the same issue with my new AMPLIFI 150 -when using the internal FX controlled by AMPLIFI remote app there is not the slightest stereo spread - only the 12" speaker sounding. (Similar test: amp---> ping pong delay set wide). There is not the slightest sound from the side speakers. However if I plug an external FX pedal into the line-in on the back with ping pong delay or stereo chorus then I hear a great stereo sound from the AMPLFI (ALL speakers now sounding). The stereo sound is quite obvious. Same if I play an mp3 - clearly stereo. At this page link at the bottom of the page there is an info window ( HOW DOES WET/DRY AMPLIFICATION WORK? ) about the stereo guitar sounds so the AMPLIFI is clearly intended to be stereo. Stereo sound was a large part of my decision to buy the AMPLIFI. can this situation be remedied my a firmware update? (Anyone know what the white lines that appear when dragging FX modules to another position in the Remote app editor?)
  5. When I was arranging the order of FX modules (described above) I noticed white bracket lines appear when dragging FX across to another position. Anyone know what these white brackets are for? A manual for AMPLIFi Remote would be great.
  6. A week ago I bought an AMPLIFi 150. Very pleased with the sounds but I also noticed that the FX sound mono. I read the info on wet/dry in the link above and arranged FX modules in the order indicated. I set up a ping pong delay with maximum spread so that I could test the left/right stereophonic effect but still it sounds totally mono. With my ear near to the top left and right mid-range /tweeter I could hear no sound at all coming from them - only the centre 12" speaker. The description on the link above says that core guitar tone is fed mono to the centre speaker and the stereo part of MOD, Delay and Reverb are sent to the midrange/tweeter speakers for spread. What am I missing?
  7. Macsax


    When I first posted my latency question I did not yet own an AMPLFi, A few days ago I bought one (150) and am very pleased with the sounds. Still curious about latency I have just done a few measurements - others may be interested. I did two tests: One with all FX modules bypassed and another with all FX modules turned on. The results were identical = 2 milliseconds. I consider this very good and for a perspective on this it is like having your head 2 feet from the speaker (not reccommended). I also play sax at gigs and I have done some tests where I can use the AMPLIFi as a sax monitor as well as guitar. The setup was a microphone into a small mixer that has FX and the output of this mixer goes to the AMPLIFi line input on the back. This feeds the full range speaker system in AMPLIFi. By balancing the sax volume with the guitar volume I had total control of my sax and guitar monitoring and separate FX choices for each instrument. This was a living room setup but I will road test it on my next gig.
  8. Macsax

    Stereo line out

    Is there a way of having a stereo line out that, for instance, could be sent to the PA system. Something like the headphone output but WITHOUT cutting off the speakers.
  9. Macsax


    What is the latency, in msecs, of the Amplifi 75/150 from guitar input to headphone output. I assume that the DSP has some latency.
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