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  1. gandzilla

    UX2 not allowing me to select input

    I ran line 6 monkey and Line 6 license manager.. Pod farm 2 still says no pod farm license found... I am downloading gearbox... thanks-
  2. So I have had a UX2 for quite some time now... I upgraded to a focusrite scarlet 18i, but all that eqipment is in my studio.. To work on things from home I dug out my old UX2 and installed drivers and packs, but I can't find gearbox which allowed me to select inputs... currently I only have 1 working 1/4" input (line input 1) I cannot change that in my system settings... Also my pod farm II says it is not authorized and is giving me limited amp/effect models... How can I change the input to use the instrument and/or mic inputs like I used to?