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  1. I too received my Line 6 Variax Standard in Tobacco Sunburst only recently . Unfortunately I must of got one of the ones rushed out of the door to meet current demand. When I finally married up my Variax / X3 Live / L2m I finally started to hear some of the sounds coming together and this put a big smile on my face, however there are issues with the guitar... 1) Intonation - my intonation was vastly sharp at the 12th fret and I have had to remove the 6x springs from the bridge in order to get close to the correct intonation . 2) Tuners - this guitar will not stay in tune for more than 10 mins and I am not playing any differently than on any of my other guitars . Do I need to replace the tuners on my brand new guitar in order to get a guitar that is reliable ? :( . This is particularily annoying as I have a show to play for at the end of the month and to be constantly worrying about my tuning is something I could do without .
  2. Thanks .. Will try tonight with Direct connection to PC
  3. I have seen the Pod XT and HD500X mentioned above ,, what about the X3 Live? .. I have my Variax Standard connected via the Cat5 cable to my X3 Live and then USB to the computer. The Variax HD software loads and allows me to play around with the pickup settings but then as soon as I try to permanently write the patch back to my Variax it crashes . I have used Line 6 Monkey to update everything to the latest level of software / drivers . I am currently charging my battery to try a direct connection but have to say that I am a little disappointed.
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