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  1. UPDATE!! I have gotten a ton of gigs in and alot of playing time on my new 59 and wanted to update my critic of this beast. Since my first gig I have added the HD500 pedal to the mix and mainly run directly through our presonus board but on larger gigs I pulled out my Tech 21 60 watt amp to take the load off my monitor mix. I get more impressed every show of what this thing does for the performance. I have become adept at setting up different guitars, pickups, and electronics via the software which I have to admit is pretty impressive. To even be able to change out your pots and caps is very impressive for this old electronics tech and really fun to mix and match pick up styles. Over all I do not regret getting one of these at all. The one thing that line6 leaves out is for any utility player like myself is the ability to never let your show loose momentum due to switching guitars or messing around with stomp boxes. Our performances seem to be a more bit intense and never lags at all. It's still not my favorite feeling guitar to play but I dont mind strapping it on for 4 hours and the ease of use and the one click switching between songs makes a night flow seamlessly. Our other guitarist uses a Tom Anderson and its a really good example of an American made classic and the variax with some tweaking can sound almost as good. The neatest thing I have come across is after a show or between sets more people "guitarists" come up with a confused look on their faces espeically after I do a set that starts with a les paul sound, to a fender sound, to a hollow body, to an acoustic, to a banjo sound and they are confused on how its done. Have even been accused of tracking in a stringed part one night while using the banjo sound. Overall, a good investment and glad I got one. Had a tuning issue that the guitar was going out of tune quickly and found the problem to be the nuts on the tuning pegs were not tightened at the factory and didnt realize this till I put on a set of 11 gauge slinky's which really made the acoustic sounds much warmer and closer to a real acoustic. I might end up with 12's before the year is out. If you are on the fence about buying one of these just remember that you do gain a ton of versatility in the sounds, reduced physical equipment to load in and out, and if you work with the software and interfaces you can create some pretty close sounds that can cover tons of music styles. you dont have to have the hd500's because I originally used the HD pod pedal on the first shows and it worked great but the 500 series does give you some features that the others dont. Maybe one day I will get the amp that goes with this but the extremely neutral tech 21 amp works great with any type of modeling pedals and guitars on the market.
  2. I have a 12 string Alvarez that has tremendous acoustic volume levels. When I put all 12 strings on it the low E and A strings were dominating the higher pitched strings. So I take off the Low E and A higher pitched companion strings and pretty much make this guitar a 10 string. The balance was beautiful. Can you do this with Workbench? I posted in the suggestion forums about custom trimming strings off the 12 string models and if this was possible.
  3. Actually I like this idea. I wouldn't use it much but I never used the parlor guitar sound. Just replace it with the nylon strings. I would even like to see a string gauge selection patched in. would be nice to be able to play with 13 gauge strings sound using 10's.
  4. yes, you are correct. Thanks for the clarifacation. I am looking for a 500 series pedal currently and I already have the newer floor board pedal that would control one.
  5. Are there any difference between these two except for the designs?
  6. try adjusting the saddle towards the bridge to increase the downward tension on it. I lowered my bridge and had the same problem with my low E string. I set it back a bit and now works fine.
  7. I lowered my action by dropping the bridge a bit and this happened to me because the downward tension on the peizio had lessened. Use the allen wrench with the ball end to adjust it back toward the tail piece to put the tension back on the pickups saddle. Do this while its plugged up to an amp so you can actually hear the difference. The volume will increase as you adjust it and the tone will return. You can definately test if its an electronics problem or a manual problem by switching between the piezio pickup and the magnetic pick ups. The mag pickups should be consistant on tone and volume while the piezio will change while adjusting it.
  8. Yeah, I just got the 59 version. Thats what I was basing the review off of. The last show I used it and didnt bother bringing a back up guitar. Just plugged into a line6 xt live pedal straight to our presonus board. Out of the box was good except for a few action issues. I have readjusted the saddle a bit to speed up the action and had to readjust the low E string piezio pickup to make it louder. I still think that line6 should be pushing more to the utility players and start picking up that business. I have to switch between 2 tuned strats, an acoustic, and a banjo and it was nice just turning a knob to change that instead of worrying about crossing signal cables up. overall I like the guitar and getting aclimated to the new neck took about a set to settle in. As far as comparing them to the real things I have the 25th anniversary strat and two 1970 fender super reverbs set up in my house. Thats a sound thats going to be hard to emmulate. I also have a parker nite fly which is an amazing guitar itself. Talk about fast.
  9. thanks for the help, worked like a charm when I used both cables.
  10. you can get the rebate from other places also. just have a copy of your original receipt, the upc code off your box, and has to be a line6 dealer. you can download the rebate ticket from line6.
  11. I think this nailed my problem. I couldnt get it to light up on the knobs and I think this will fix it.
  12. I am rarely impressed with most guitars on the market. As a matter of fact the 25th anniversary was the last fender I felt deserved the name short of the Robert Cray version. I really think line6 is missing the marketing mark with modeling guitars of this quality. They need to stop demos that only have guys shredding and doing leads and start marketing the rhythem and utility players more. Thats where the strength of this type of guitar lies. I am under no illusion that a modeling guitar will ever match a real les paul, strat, or tele plugged to a tube amp using analog pedals. No matter how good they get with the software. This though is probably the best answer for all of us who have to cover a lot of ground on stage with tons of equipment.
  13. You also have to have a copy of the original sales ticket, and an original UPC code on the bottom of the box also. They will not accept a copy of the UPC code.
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