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  1. I have a problem when I bought my my Podhd500x I had the offer of HD Fully loaded bundle for free, when I registered the product I got to my email the steps to follow for my HD Fully loaded bundle for free but I could not install it in my Pod I have carried out all the processes and this does not work, according to my account in Line6 I see order actions HD Fully loaded bundle action is complete, but in my POD it does not load when I check page 12 in my pod it is standard model set , I authorize my computer and my Pod many times License Manager and nothing I need some help
  2. A few days ago I restart my Pod Xt live with Monkey. At first all was well, after a while of playing the output sound it just stopped It doesn’t work output sound from headphones, or by right and left output I did reinstall flash memory, but nothing Help!!
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