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  1. See title? Does the Echo Park have the X3's delay sounds in it? Seems like the Tube Echo sounds similar to the Tape setting on the Echo Park but with more knob twiddling to do. I have both and have compared them a bit. I prefer to not have as many tweaks as the X3 has for a simpler life... but then again, it's nice to have.
  2. 777funk

    Noisy Echo Park

    I use a One Spot on my board and it works great. But, I only have around 5 pedals at a time running so YMMV.
  3. See title? Does the Echo Park have the X3's delay sounds in it?
  4. I'd like to have control of the Drive knob on a pedal. Is it possible to map the Drive knob from the amp controls (don't normally use the amps) to the Overdrive Pedal?
  5. I would like the emulation to the PA but don't want it going to my real amp. Is this possible? I'd guess this would be a dual tone setup. But two questions: 1. Assuming single tone, is there a way to skip the AMP model to the 1/4" Jack to my real amp while sending through an AMP model to the XLR? 2. If #1 is a NO, can I change FX parameters on both tones at once? i.e. turn on/off the drive or pedal on both tones. I'd guess this would be a dual tone setup.
  6. I appreciate the idea, however I like the familiarity of what I've got and the budget is small right now. I could just plug in with the HD500 and use that but I like the lack of cabling and bulk with the toneport.
  7. I have a Toneport that I dig for recording guitar sounds. I've really enjoyed it for a couple years. I also have an HD500 which is also a good product. I'd like to get a GuitarPort possibly in order to have something small that I can throw around a little easier than the previous two I mentioned. Would the recording setup be the same with a Guitarport as it currently is with my Toneport? Basically now I just plug in, launch the Gearbox Software and open my DAW with the Toneport as the interface. Can I do the same with a GuitarPort?
  8. I'm considering a Floor POD and I'd like to copy the .L6T (TonePort) files over to it. Is this possible?
  9. 777funk

    Best Way To Copy The Ux2 Tones Over To The Hd500?

    Bummer! So all of the L6T files I have won't do anything with this HD? If so, that's life I guess! What about the XT series? Would those work? The goal is to take all the user UX2 Sounds and copy them to banks on a POD.
  10. I have been using a UX2 and KB37 for years now and have lots of my sounds stored on the computer. I'd like to get those same tones (or similar) on the HD500. Is this possible and if so how would I do it? Side note, can this be done with any of the other PODs? thanks!