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  1. Thank you. Point number 1) is precise what I was looking for. There is new challenge for me because I never opened my Variax. But I try to learn what I need to done this. What kind of strings you use for Variax? Do you feel difference here?
  2. Could you please give more information about Variax upgrade with new piezo. My V700 work perfect. But I look the way to upgrade it. What model of piezo can be used for Variax 700? May be you have links for manuals? Video "before" and "after" upgrade?
  3. Can I write here again? All these words about one thing: We all ready to upgrade all gadgets around us. My TV upgradable. My refrigerator upgradable. All things around us ready to get new software. Ok. Line 6 made first upgradable guitar. This is GREAT! How long they need to support old hardware for no cost? I think 5 years is enough. But.... The guitar is other case. If you got new guitar for USD 1000 twenty years ago, how much it will be today? Ok. No upgrade for my Variax 700 to JTV for less money. But guitar still have two big part: pice of wood and electronic. I like my pice of wood in Variax 700. Let me choice to buy new JTV or renew my Variax 700 for USD 300-500. Is it good deal for users? I think yes. Is it good deal for Line 6? I think yes. What do they get? 1. No big loss. I mean no big profit but also no big expences. 2. All old Variax users will be happy. 3. New users will be happy to buy new JTV with "long life support". They will see how happy was old users of Line 6 Variax. Line 6 will be recomended all old users. What cost to get that kind of reputation today? You think support of old hardware will kill sales of JTV? First, upgraded Variax 700 will be more expensive than first line of JTV. Second, all of them is used. Third, James Taylor have good name. There is many new shapes and magnetic pickups can do all things for new marketing. JTV is a big step forward. What did I get now? All players of usual guitar can upgrade their pice of wood in any time. There is a new pickups, new hardware etc. But no support for Variax 700. It is no good for many reasons. But first, is the fact Line 6 guitar isn't good decision for protect of investments. Guitar is not a gadget. Not yet.
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