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  1. I just found and plugged in a dynamic mic. I turned off the phantom power in the helix and still no sound coming from the mic input.
  2. That is rather easy to do without noticing. I just created a new patch with nothing in the path just the mic as the input. Still nothing. I was also wondering if it could be a bug of some sort. Like even though the phantom power is selected in the global settings a glitc/bug is preventing power to the mic. I need to test a dynamic mic and start narrowing down the possibilities.
  3. Today I stopped getting sound from the mic input. Yesterday, the mic input worked as it should. The mic does require phantom power and I made sure that it was on. I checked cables, plugged the mic into a Focusrite to test and it is working fine. I reflashed the firmware on the Helix and still nothing. I did create a support ticket on Line 6 website so I'm waiting to hear from them. I'm wondering if the xlr for the mic input is bad. Any ideas/suggestions?
  4. I use it frequently when recording. I connect a condenser mic to a TC Helicon Harmony G-XT (Has phantom power) and send the output to a Create-Xt and send that output to the the mic input on the POD 500X. I set the level on the POD Mic input to around 9:00 and control the overall volume with the Create-XT and/or recording software.
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