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  1. Cannot find anything specific about this on search, so here goes. i am using P Cloud to save my files from my DAW, I am using Cakewalk, new Bandlab version. I have Native on 2 computers with the same version for the DAW and Native on both, even imported the exact save user file so the presets are identical. I am using Native presets on one system, and saving to the cloud directory, but when I open the file on the other computer, I says the presets are not available. I then have to go into each track and delete the HXN from the FX area (can't even open any of the HXN presets in the tracks, gives me a plugin missing or improperly installed error) then drag a new one in, which defaults to Factory 1 Preset 01A. Can I make it see my Helix presets on different computers from saved cloud files? Thanks
  2. I have a Spider IV HD150, I want to use the Line Out/Phone directly to my DAW to record. Do I need to disconnect the speaker outputs running to the cabinet before I do this, or is it OK to just connect the Line Out when I want to record? I understand that it will mute the cab speakers with the line out plugged in, that is fine, just don't want to damage anything in the head by leaving the speaker connected and I cannot find anything that says for sure it is OK.
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