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  1. I have both a pod x3 pro and pod x3 live. Do I have to purchase a license to use the pod farm plugin in my DAW? Seems like I remember my x3 live giving me access to use all the models that were available. I thought the x3 live worked like an i lok device. With my x3 pro I can only run pod farm in the demo mode with limited options.
  2. I was using my pod x3 pro last night when the unit would automatically shut off then repower itself. I thought this may have to do with the outlet I had it plugged in so I then plugged it into another outlet. The same problem persisted. I would be able to play through the unit for a couple of minutes and then it would power off and come back on. I have tried other appliances through these outlets and have not had a drop power like I have been experiencing with the pod x3 pro. Can anyone help me out on this issue?
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