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    HX Stomp FAQ

    I came across an interesting "bug" tonight while editing some presets on HX Stomp based on testing it across 3x different presets. After watching Alex Strabala's video on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfzpHbvT71I), I got excited about the idea of removing the [Volume] I had assigned to the 6th block to free up space in the signal chain. I then added a few different blocks & built 3x different snapshots to taste. Snapshot-1 has 3 of 6 blocks turned on. Snapshot-2 has 4 of 6 blocks turned on. Snapshot-3 has 6 of 6 blocks turned on. In all snapshots, [Compressor] is on. I also have a Morningstar MC8 (which is awesome!) connected via MIDI to give me direct access to the 3x snapshots, FS Mode Scrolling & finally FS4, where I used Alex's insight to build a lead boost by assigning Level & Mix parameters of [Compressor] as well as a simple +3db to the [Output] level. Works like a champ! ... kind of. In snapshots 1 & 2, the two snapshots that only have a portion of the blocks turned on, boost only works after a few presses of FS4. In snapshot 3, the one with all blocks on, FS4 responds as it should & works every time as intended. I've reviewed the Morningstar setup multiple times & the only thing I can come up with after testing it on 3x different patches now, is that all blocks MUST be on in order for FS4 to trigger the lead boost. Can one of you experts share some insight? Maybe I'm overlooking something...
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