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  1. I tried V2.9 with hx stomp and what I found out: 1. Double crash when updating. This was my first stress this morning, but third time was succesful. 2. Windows decided to enable HX Stomp as microfone for applications. Default microfone was in different setting but HX was just enabled. But anytime I connected USB cable I heard everything that I play with delay of 200 - 300ms detuned down something between one - one and half halftone (!!!). Similar situation when recording with slow latency but - with added not recognized tuning down. After some time I finally found this setting in Windows. When I disable acces to mic - everything is ok. I don't hear anything strange now but setting in to enable makes this sh... on again. All DAW software was closed, the bank in HX was empty. Nothing was working in the background (Windows was...:) . The same was with loop return which I use as AUX - radio tuner is connected there. This input was treated in the same way - very funny sound effects... 3. After that annoying stuff, when I was sure that I won that fight the volume knob stopped working when connected do PC. 4. I went back to 2.82 and all problems suddenly disapeared. In the meantime I got rid of all patches and IR's downloaded. Tough guys do not make backups. Fortunately I do. I am ok with 2.82.
  2. Can anybody (from Line6 - I guess that nobody realy knows that) tell me what is RMS power of Amplifi (both 75 and 150)? Up to now, when I wanted to buy a 30W amplifier I looked for anything that has a "30" in a model name. I was sure that Spider II 150 is a beast that can produce huge sound, and 15W construction can be used at home for practising, etc. Now I've bought an Amplifi 75, I took it to a gig and I was very disappointed. Of course - I know that there's only one 8 inch speaker, but I felt the powerlessness of this amp. My Amplifi has no warranty so I took off the back lid and I saw the 15W speaker!!! What is that, a sales pitch? Why can't I find on Line6 site, or manual the true power of this thing? This is not a 75W amp, this is dummy. Up to now I've bought several products from Line6 but this is the first time I feel cheated. So once again the question: What is the RMS power of Amplifi (especialy Amplifi 150, 75 has already been disovered :/)? And additional question to Line6 engineers: Do You plan to continue this kind of practice? Create 15W combo and give an information to clients that it's 75W?. I thought that Line6 gear is not low-end stereo where nobody knows what kind of "Watt" was used to describe output power.... RMS is RMS, SI system cannot be cheated......
  3. I know the topic is old but there is one behaviour not mentioned here. When the external modelling effect is connected into auxiliary input then these mid/high stereo drivers can be overloaded. I clearly hear that they go into overdrive (very unpleasant overdrive), especialy at high volumes. This does not happen when POD HD is conected into guitar input (Direct Studio mode - this 8 inch speaker has quite wide spectrum of playable frequencies). Generally - Amplifi can be used as external wide range speaker for external modelling effects but with strongly reduced output power.
  4. All FS <-> effect assigments was OK. I wrote in first post - when I click FS, effects turns on. I see it on the background of effect on POD HD display. Just the LED was off. But I found remedy :) I found similar topic in FBV forums, altghough the thing that helped me, didn't help on FBV Shortboard MK2. I've changed the option "FBV Express" in pod HD settings. I have FBV Express too, and I used it up to now. I forgot about that option before. Everything is OK now, all LEDs are lit when they shoud be. Problem solved.
  5. As in the topic - I've conected FBV Shortboard MK1 to POD HD desktop. Everything works great except one thing. FS1-FS4 (upper row - stomp, mod, delay and reverv) LED lights don't turn on when associated effect is turned on. Footswitches are ok, I see it on main display when click it - the background color of effect changes, and the effect turns on. I have FS5-FS8 in mode FS5-FS8 (not ABCD) and these LED lights are turned on when corresponding effect is turned on. This behavior does not change when FS5-FS8 are in ABCD mode. ABCD works ok then, but FS1-FS4 are off. LEDs seems to be ok, after connecting FBV to POD I see "christmas tree" on LEDs. They turn on one by one as in start-up sequence. But after that the FS1-FS4 turn off. Does anyone have this problem too?
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