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  1. Hi because the two Stomps are virtually identical inside in terms of power, is it possible to transfer the ones I use on my XL onto a normal Stomp? I ask because I do have patches with 4 snapshots on my XL, and the normal Stomp only supports 3. How would that work once I load the same patch (with4 Snapshots) from my XL into a normal Stomp? Which one is the Snapshot deleted?
  2. Yeah indeed possibility to set an alternate mode for Preset Mode, it seems a weird miss considering is present on the other devices :-) Hopefully they'll change it soon! In the meantime I literally joined the UP/DOWN bank switches together with a metal bar, so that if I really need to I can still press them individually, but is much easier and 99.9% successful to press them together as one button :-) Doing so, once I'm in Stomp Mode once, I can just press the metal bar and will to Snapshot Mode, press again the metal bar and will be back to Stomp Mode etc., it works nicely, it's all mechanical and will work till I can do the same with a simple option like in the other models :-D
  3. Ah! Ok thanks for letting me know, you saved me a few hours trying to figure out why it doesn't work! :-D It seems so weird to have these differences in features across the models, when they could literally have the same set (apart from the number of switches!) across all models, probably also making their life easier in terms of firmware features maintenance and coherence across all the devices. Toggle option for Snapshot mode with the Mode button seems indeed something forgotten more than something made on purpose of for lack of time,. If you have implemented a Snapshots mode (and you invite rightly so to use them as alternative to Presets!) seems like an overlook to not have it available in the Mode toggle switch, BUT you can have it if pressing together UP/DOWN? :P
  4. Yeah that's exactly what I was thinking, as a temporary solution using an external pedal...if I could assign custom midi messages to one of the ABCD switches to be send any moment they're pressed (not only in stomp mode), would be idea but is not in the manual. As it's not to assign custom midi messages to the Mode button, so only option is an external passive expression pedal (or sustain one)..still better than nothing or having to press UP/DOWN to arrive to Snapshot mode and back into Stomp mode. One weird thing I noticed...there's no mention of that Midi CC on the Stomp XL manual...actually there's no Rev C manual for the Stomp XL at all! So weird...anyone knows if that new midi CC 71 is available as well on the 3.11 firmware of Hx Stmp XL? :-) Or where to find Rev C for Stomp XL? Is not on line6 website :P
  5. Thanks, I was reading RevA of the 3.0 manual without realising it, and didn't contain that midi :-) I'm thinking now....there are two expression pedal inputs, and those ones are passive (ie. no power needed). Now...a similar thing I think is a sustain pedal, but just with two values (0 or max). Expression and sustain pedals are also very unexpensive and rugged. Considering that I can assign a MIDI message to an expression pedal with Command Center...I could connect the midi in/out of the XT, assign CC 71 0-3 to expression pedal 1 min and max values, and in theory the XT would send itself the midi message I need (after I disable midi tx/rx of anything else like tempo or PCs). I'm going to experiment with that... I don't want to spend $100 on a midi switch that is going to make a single thing that is already available on other Helix and hopefully arrives soon on XT as well..considering they just recently introduced that option as a midi command :-)
  6. Actually...I was looking at the manual... I can't see a midi CC that allows me to switch to Snapshot Mode or Stomp Mode? The only way is indirect way seems emulating press FS1 and FS4 at same time (cc 49 and 52). I was looking at your midi pedal suggestion, I see is powered and I honestly don't want to add another power adapter only for a switch that I expected being programmable (like indeed you say is on the Helix Floor/LT). If you know of any passive midi programmable footswitch let me know...but I'm really looking forward to Line6 fixing this :-) Otherwise Snapshots is not a very functional thing on StompXL as it's not as useable as Preset mode...indeed the Mode switch should offer option to switch between two any modes (or between Stomp and any either Preset or Snapshot).
  7. Absolutely it was my fault not specifying…I call the stomp Helix as it has the same sounds/abilities of the plugin and others (love the compatibility toggle in plugin so I can move sounds from studio to stage and back as needed!). Understood about the Toggle setting..indeed it seems like a very simple thing to implement as a simple option, so I can only hope your ‘suspect’ is true and that Line6 will implement it soon :-) I didn’t think about the midi pedal to send some custom controls!
  8. Uhmm 8 snapshots mode? 4/4 view? I suppose I should have specified I have the Stomp XL…I can’t remember seeing these but I don’t have the stomp xl in front of me right now. Do you know if similar settimgs to customise preset view are available on stomp xl?
  9. Hi all I got Helix and I'm really digging the sound of it, so I'm getting ready to use it for some forthcoming festivals. To my disappointment I discovered only yesterday that delay/reverb spillover is not for patches but only for Snapshots (I know why etc. is not the point here, I just hope at some point they'll implement it between patches if they have the same delay/reverb effect). So I converted my 4 basic sounds into a single patch and organised them in Snapshot...needed some rearrangement, but they work! So I'm going to play using my 4 Snapshots AND some programmed footswitches to change these 4 base sounds. I do have a problem though: this means I'll load ONE patch, and will leave always that one on, and all I'll need is switching between my Snapshots view OR my Stomp view. QUESTION: is there a way for me to switch between those two views using the Mode switch? The only way I found to switch between Snapshots and Stomp is to load my patch, stomp on Mode (so that I load Stomp View), and then having to press UP/DOWN together to go Snapshot, press them again to back to Stomp, press them again to go back to Snapshot etc., so basically the way is to always press TWO switches together. As some of you know, just before a solo or while singing etc. it can be tricky to press precisely two switches, and if I don't then the banks (as a safety net for me so I don't change sound accidentally) is loaded, and I have to try again pressing those two switches to return to Snapshot or Stomp. Is there an obvious alternative way I'm missing to press just ONE switch (possibly Mode) to toggle between Snapshot/Stomp? At the moment Mode seems always and only to switch between Preset and Stomp, without possibility to change it to switch between Snapshot and Stomp. Am I (I hope!) missing something?
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