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  1. Hi there BillBee and thank you silverhead for the information. I've opened up a Support ticket and dropped an email to the Line 6 folks. I should hear back within three business days, so I'll let you know how it goes! Thanks again! Colm
  2. Thanks for the quick reply Silverhead! I think it would be fairly silly of me to go ahead and purchase software that I already have; POD Farm inclusion was one of the reasons I went for the X3 Live when it came out. Line 6 are airtight in fairness, and why wouldn't they be? All the software cracks and torrents going around surely cost companies millions. I wonder is there a way to transfer the license "file" (?) from the X3 to the laptop, or an iLok type device? My apologies if that's a stupid question, but I'm not very tech savvy. The main confusion here is that my laptop appears to be an authorized Line 6 device in the License Manager, I'll upload a screenshot below to show you what I mean. Thanks again! Colm
  3. Hey guys, So I'm using the POD X3 Live the last couple of years. I run it into my Macbook with its USB out, and most of the time I get my guitar tones with POD Farm 2, which was included with the X3 Live. After the recording session is done and the guitars are put away, I can mix, change amps, cabs effects etc virtually within POD Farm 2. Brilliant and convenient. My main issue with this? I have to have my POD X3 Live connected to the laptop at ALL TIMES in order to Authorize full use of POD Farm 2. This is because the License is contained within the actual POD X3 Live unit, and when its connected it activates the full version of POD Farm. I have the Line 6 License Manager and my laptop is an Authorized device... Which I assume should allow me full access to my software and not just the trial version. This is very frustrating if I am in the middle of mixing something and have to leave, as I want to be able to take the laptop with me and mix on the go when traveling. I shouldn't have to plug in and power up my X3 Live unit any time I want to change a few tones within POD Farm. I have tried a few different methods and DAWs, Logic, GarageBand and even Audacity as a test. They all register POD Farm as a plugin, but once I try to use it, its back to the trial version... Until I take the X3 Live out of its case, plug it in, hook it up and I'm back to having my full version. Can any of you kind folk at Line 6 help me out with this issue? I've been scouring the Internet for hours looking for a solution :( All the best, Colm
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