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  1. When the hell am I going to be able to use hx edit on my Mac?  ! this is taking the lollipop.  

  2. When I open the line 6 updater it doesn't see my Helix LT so I can't install updates, Does anyone have any answer to this problem?
  3. Hi everyone,  I am trying to update my helix lt but when I open the updater there is no device in the window to select! Does anyone have an answer for this please?


  4. Hi everyone,, I have this morning tried out the one switch looper, its going fine but I have one problem, when holding the switch down to delete the loop it plays for about one second before deleting. this could be a problem when using live. does anyone have a solution please? thanks.
  5. Thanks very much to everyone for the help, I’m new to helix and didn’t know about the send/return block, I’m going to try it tonight.
  6. I am running my helix LT through my Soldano hot rod 25 using the four cable method, does anyone know why all of the amps controls become redundant?
  7. I am also having this problem downloading the editor, I get as far as a small window saying 'verifying "HX Edit.pkg" and nothing happens. I am trying to download the helix editor onto my mac running os x el capitan 10.11.6 my Helix lt is new so has had one software update.
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